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Guest blog: How to Make Your Room More ‘Zen’

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In need of some more Zen in your life? We all need somewhere to escape to and recharge after a day in the concrete jungle. Creating a relaxing environment where you feel at peace makes life easier to handle. Zen-out your pad with the help of this guest post from one of my favourite blogs The Fairytale Pretty Picture.

I’m Alina, a blogger who recently won Best Interiors Blog at the Cosmo Blog Awards and the lovely Ilana wanted me to share my home design wisdom with you, her favourite readers! 😉

Here are three easy steps to making your room more zen…

1. One with Nature

Start with the ground up (if you pardon the pun) and design your room with the focus of earthy tones, warm beige hues and enhance the natural light that you already have as much as possible using mirrors and open plan spaces.

Zen 1 open windows plenty of light and earthy coloursZen 2 plenty of plants and earthy colours

Top Tip: Add oriental plants for a fresh finish and a healthy environment that’s super zen.

2. Spring Clean & Declutter

My nanna always used to say that your room represents your mind. You couldn’t be more right when it comes to zen rooms too. It’s spring so it’s a great opportunity to get your space in order, clean up even those darkest corners but most importantly declutter to ensure you don’t have any dark corners!

Top Tip: If you’re having trouble decluttering, think about clever space saving solutions. Add a chest at the end of your bed or a clever shelving unit to put away those dusty books.

3. It’s All About Being Calm and Being One

The word zen is actually very meaningful and can be spiritual for many people who practice that type of Buddhism. It’s about being positive and calm in your space as well as mind (to put it very simply). So, think about what makes you happy and relaxed, only then will you find that true serenity.

zen 3 cushionsTop Tip: I enjoy my comforts, so my zen room is incomplete without a number of heavenly cushions that I can dive into at the end of a long day at work. 

Tell me, will you be adding zen to your home this season and how?

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Written by Alina Isaev, Interiors Blogger

Blog: The Fairytale Pretty Picture

Twitter: @alinaisaev

Instagram: @alinaisaev00

Author: Healing Chick

I’m Ilana, a yoga-loving freelance copywriter and natural health enthusiast based in North London. I have created the Healing Chick blog as a space to celebrate Mother Nature’s offerings and write about all the things I love the most.

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