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A book review! Treasure Yourself: Power Thoughts for My Generation by Miranda Kerr 

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It would be too easy to give this book a bad review for being another book by another supermodel. Yes – the cover is pink and features a pouty Miranda – and the title is a bit naff. But the truth is I like this book. I read TREASURE YOURSELF:  Power Thoughts for My Generation  by Miranda Kerr as a prequel to the more recently published EMPOWER YOURSELF which came out in 2014. Review to follow…

Miranda Kerr clearly wasn’t aiming her book at the academia so to slag it off for being too girly or having slightly larger-than-average print would be unjust. Reading this book was a bit like having a girls night in – minus the wine, ranting about men and girly drama. So really a much more relaxing and soul-nourishing experience.

The book is split into two sections. The first half offers advice on developing confidence, following your passion, healthy eating and a healthy mind, the importance of self-love and me-time, dealing with jealousy and relationships. The law of attraction, the power of gratitude and positive thinking are focused on throughout. Kerr relates back to her own personal experiences and each chapter ends with a set of questions to reflect on.

Healing Chick: natural health natural remedies

In the middle there is a glossy photo montage of the Victoria’s Secret beauty, depicting significant moments in her life. The second half contains affirmations or ‘power-thoughts’ from self-help gurus including Deepak Chopra and Louise L. Hay.

Healing Chick: natural remedies natural healing

Other things I liked…

  • You can carry the book in your handbag for a feel-good boost on the tube. Stressing out? Sit down take a few deep breaths and repeat the affirmation that soothes you.
  • The book suggests ways on how to incorporate the ideas into your daily life, such as creating a vision board and keeping a gratitude diary.
  • One particularly sweet idea that has stuck with me is to write a power thought down on a piece of paper, read it out loud and place under your pillow before you go to bed. Repeat the power thought in your mind until you fall asleep –  upon waking read the power thought aloud as the first thing you do for the day.
  • The cutesy illustrations of butterflies and flowers which dot the pages – each flower has been drawn by a different woman who has enriched Miranda Kerr’s life, representing how every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way.

TREASURE YOURSELF is an uplifting and heart-warming easy-read with Kerr playing the role of caring, grounded older sister throughout. She is a positive role model for young women and it was surprisingly refreshing not to be reading about make-up and diet plans.

When a less-than-ideal situation arises, instead of getting angry or upset, I ask myself, “Who am I going to be in this situation?” In that moment I create the possibility of, for example, “being” peaceful, calm and loving no matter what; and as a result, I then get to choose how I react in any given situation.

On the contrary, when I am “doing” and I react from that standpoint, I am at the effect of the situation and at the effect of everything happening around me.

By choosing how I am going to “be”, no matter what life throws at me, I get to live the life I choose. (Kerr, 2010, p.52)


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